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Are any of the LSU Coaches Leaving?

LSU sideline and in the booth, there could also be a lot coming back. LSU fans might want to knock on wood, but the entire on-field staff has remained intact to this point. Names haven’t even been popping up in the rumor mill.

It’s easier to get a read on some of these situations than others. It’s hard to imagine a guy like offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock leaving his current situation. He’s not a head coaching candidate, and there are very few coordinator jobs that pay better than LSU.

Something similar could be said for Brad Davis. He’s a Baton Rouge native who already left an SEC job to coach at LSU. It’s doubtful he’d head elsewhere.

Joe Sloan and Cortez Hankton, current position coaches at LSU, both have a good track record and could be candidates for OC jobs, but many potential landing spots have been filled. Frank Wilson has left LSU before to take a head coaching job but gave it up to return to LSU.

On defense, defensive coordinator Matt House has NFL experience. There’s a chance an NFL team could take a look as new coaches begin to fill out their staffs, but there’s no smoke there yet. The rest of the defensive staff appears primed for a return, too.

Returning an entire staff at a place like LSU is rare. Even in good years, there’s usually some turnover. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Coordinators getting promotions means you probably had a good team.

But there’s something to be said for an entire staff returning, especially considering the wealth of talent LSU is bringing back. These coaches will have a better understanding of the personnel, which means, hopefully, there won’t be weeks spent tinkering in September.

Whoever the quarterback is will take the field with an offense entirely built for their skillset. Receivers, running backs and tight ends will be placed in formations that best suit them.

On defense, House could have the right blitz packages installed before the year even begins. That stuff is critically important, especially to a team with title hopes.

Again, coaching season isn’t over, but keep an eye on this heading into the offseason.