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Brief Comparison of Both LSU & FSU

Both teams struggled on third downs last year, and it’ll be vital for each offense to move the chains Sunday night. We can’t draw too much from last year’s numbers because it’s primarily new or inexperienced players returning for the Tigers.

However, one area where FSU football got burned in some of the games they lost last year was third-down defense. I don’t think LSU will be able to straight-up run the ball consistently on FSU’s defense, but one thing to watch will be QB Jayden Daniels on third down.

He can do some damage with his legs, and FSU defensive ends will need to be careful not to run themselves out of plays.

Also, FSU’s defensive tackles could be the difference in this game if they can get pressure up the middle and collapse the pocket.

I know everyone keeps mentioning LSU’s wide receivers, but I don’t think their QBs can make the throws consistently if they are under pressure.

FSU defenders staying true to their rushing lanes will be key in avoiding their QBs picking up cheap third-down conversions with their legs.