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Coach Kelly’s Update on Jayden Daniels’ injury and Tennessee’s QB

“Yeah, you know, I’ve always felt like there’s a difference between being injured and being hurt. If you’re injured, our trainers are going to take care of you. They’re going to pull you out of the game. If you’re hurt, they’re going to administer the things necessary and try to get you back in the game. He was hurt but the pain level was pretty high so he wasn’t able to finish the game but he’s much better today and he’ll be ready to play on Saturday. But you know, that’s the nature of a quarterback, that’s one that likes to get out and run a little bit. He’s gonna get hurt sometimes, but injuries, he’s not injured and he’ll be ready to go this Saturday.”

TENNESSEE QB HENDON HOOKER: “Yeah, Paul, I remember him when he was at Virginia Tech, I’ve faced him and I thought a lot of him back then when he was just a young player, big, athletic, strong. And if you think of him just as that, that’s where you get beat because he can throw the football as well. I just think he’s a great competitor. First of all, he plays in an up-tempo offense. It’s the fastest offense in the country. You know, obviously outproducing everybody. And then you have a guy that certainly is not getting the kind of notoriety yet but I’ve seen a lot of really good quarterbacks and this guy is as good as anybody that I’ve gone against because he has the ability to break your defense down because when he gets outside, he’s big and physical and makes things happen.”