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Defensive Success Game Ball for Matt House

It’s no secret the game plan House dialed up Saturday night was to perfection. Containing quarterback Will Rogers was flawless, but also giving a mixture of different looks threw Mississippi State off of their game.

Kelly harped on the variations House provided and how his mastermind puts his players in position to be successful.

“The ability to put the pieces in place. Moving Jay down has benefited us greatly. Greg going back to the safety position has added a communication level that’s benefited us,” Kelly said. “That solidified the back end. Then we’re mixing things up. Schematically we’re where we need to be…Quite frankly [Mississippi State] didn’t know what they were getting snap to snap.”

Now, the Tigers enter a new challenge with New Mexico this weekend in Death Valley. An offensive approach that uses a run-first scheme, this LSU defensive line will be put to the test, but House is sure to get a game plan prepared.