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Greg Brooks’ Interception for LSU Say alot About the Different About These Tigers

AUBURN, Ala. — They’d run it so many times that everybody knew what would happen. Matt House knew it. Brian Kelly knew it. And of course, Greg Brooks Jr. knew it. Auburn had run that short passing concept over and over from that same bunch formation, and each time, Brooks came closer and closer to snagging it out of the air.

So House, the defensive coordinator, called it on the headset. Auburn was driving in LSU territory with two and a half minutes to go in a chaotic Saturday night of turnovers and back-and-forth football, and eventually, one of these teams had to go win it.

“He’s gonna steal this one,” Kelly, the head coach, recalled House saying after LSU’s 21-17 win. “He’s gonna steal it.”

LSU had switched from playing more conservative Quarters coverage against that formation in the first half to playing a more aggressive Robber as the game continued. Brooks, the safety, would move into the box and try to jump the passing lane.

Brooks knew it was coming, so he told cornerback Colby Richardson to help him out over the top. He was going for it. He sprinted full speed toward Auburn receiver Koy Moore, and Moore caught the pass. Except for the sprinting Brooks grabbing the ball, dropping down to a powerful crouch and ripping it out of Moore’s hands for the game-sealing interception.