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How do You Think LSU QB Daniels is Doing?

This is just grading out Daniels since he has taken most of the meaningful reps at quarterback this year.

Daniels has been solid. There have been some moments where he’s held on to the ball too long or was quick to scramble, both of which have resulted in some missed opportunities, but other than that, it’s hard to find a criticism.

Daniels ranks 20th in ESPN’s QBR and has yet to throw an interception.

He’s made some big plays in big moments. Against Florida State and Mississippi State, it was Daniels finding a rhythm that led to LSU’s success on offense.

Against Auburn, he didn’t have his best day passing the ball, but his legs kept drives alive, helping LSU complete the comeback. Subtracting for sack yardage, Daniels has run for 384 yards on the year and is fourth in the SEC with 8.5 yards per carry.

Daniels needs to take a few more steps, but he’s been one of LSU’s better players this year.