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How Good Is LSU’s Roster This Year?

LSU brings a lot of talent back in 2023, and the media hype continues to build.

SPORTS247 recently ranked LSU’s roster as one of the “most lethal” in college football.

“The Tigers are blessed with a talented quarterback room and may have the nation’s best defender in former five-star recruit Harold Perkins,” Brad Crawford wrote.

Crawford added that LSU’s average signing class over the last five years ranks sixth in the country. This is parred for the course at LSU. Nobody ever criticized LSU for its lack of talent. It’s always been about what it has — or hasn’t — done with that talent.

The roster in 2023 is undoubtedly LSU’s most talented one since the loaded 2019 squad. Several positions are stabilized and possess the experience to go along with natural ability.

Pinning down LSU’s expectations in 2023 will be tough. This roster is good enough to win the SEC, but considering Georgia’s ascension, saying its championship or bust for LSU isn’t fair yet.

Going forward, LSU needs to put this caliber of roster out there every year.