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How LSU Defense & Offense Has Done

The pass defense got off to a rough start against Florida State. The Seminoles were finding success on third down, especially over the middle of the field. A trick plays also led to a long touchdown through the air.

Throughout that game, LSU’s secondary started to settle in as the communication improved, and the corners made plays on the outside.

A couple of weeks later, that trend continued. LSU’s defense ranks 28th in yards per pass allowed. What’s most impressive is that Florida State and Mississippi State have both had their worst yards per attempt against the LSU defense.

Jayden Daniels’ QBR of 82.1

There has been some good and bad from Jayden Daniels in 2022, but he had made plays when LSU needed it.

He had shaky starts against Florida State and Mississippi State, only to get better as the game went on. We saw LSU embrace tempo more in both instances, making Daniels more comfortable. If he is that much better in an up-tempo offense, the coaches need to speed up the pace more.

Daniels’ QBR ranks 17th in college football. It’s hard to be upset with that. The expectations weren’t sky high for Daniels, considering the offensive line situation and the fact that it takes time to gel with pass catchers.

He has been good enough to keep LSU in games and hasn’t made mistakes that give the game away. His legs add another dimension to the offense as well.

It would be nice to see LSU’s downfield passing game continue to develop, but for now, Daniels has been just fine.