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Jack Bech Contribution to LSU

Bech had two receptions for only 22 yards in the first three games of the season. In the New Mexico game, Bech had six receptions for 43 yards.

Jenkins was asked about Bech when he met with the media this week.

“Yeah, I knew it was coming,” Jaray Jenkins said. “Jack is a hard worker. He comes in every week, every day, you know, with the right attitude, ready to work and ready to get better. So, like, I knew that he was gonna come like this. He knew it was. So, it was just a matter of the fact of when he was going to really do what he had to do.”

“He was on punt return, like I watched him all week at practice, and I told him like, ‘You’re gonna get you in that game if you do what you got to do.’ And he did, and y’all seen.”

Coach Kelly has to be happy with his senior receiver’s impact on a younger guy to help him get going. As we continue to grind through SEC play, Bech may be a very important target going forward.