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Jayden Daniels Will Remain LSU Starting QB

The Arizona State transfer made a lot of plays with his legs in Sunday night’s loss to Florida State, and he found his footing a bit in the passing game during the second-half comeback. Poor offensive line play didn’t help him get into a rhythm as he was sacked four times.

The passing attack felt limited sometimes, but fans hoping to see Garrett Nussmeier will likely be disappointed. Based on Kelly’s comments at his press conference on Tuesday, the coaches plan to stick with Daniels.

“It was never a conversation,” Kelly said on making a quarterback change. “There was never a time during the game where Mike and I — Mike Denbrock, that is, or Joe Sloan — had a conversation about, ‘Hey, let’s make a change here. Let’s see if that’s the best option for us.’ That was never a conversation. And right now, it’s — Jayden’s our No. 1 quarterback.”

It makes sense that the Tigers don’t want to consider a change already. Kelly brought in Daniels to start, and a change would be premature. Still, his leash moving forward may not be quite as long as we thought it might be.