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Lane Kiffin Responds After LSU Trolls Him on Tweeter – “Rat Poison”

Lane Kiffin continues to extend the back-and-forth with LSU on social media, as the Ole Miss coach took a good-natured ribbing in stride.

LSU’s social media team trolled Kiffin after the game using one of Kiffin’s tweets about Brian Kelly from January, when he said, “Did you lose a bet or something (Brian Kelly) ?? This can’t be real. Photoshopped? Account hacked?? I mean …”

LSU then said Kiffin’s tweet must’ve been anti-rat poison and used a series of emojis. Kiffin on Sunday responded with a new term, “That’s actually rat poisoning yourself,” with a facepalm emoji and added, “Great job yesterday. Congrats (LSU). See ya next year.”

Kiffin proved that he can take and receive some social media trolling as he’s active on both sides of an issue like this.