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LSU 3rd Down Conversion Rate is Very Low; Why?

LSU’s offense has converted just 42.3% of its third downs. That’s not bad and even ranks in the top half of college football, but it’s led to LSU getting off to slow starts on offense.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter against Mississippi State that LSU started to convert on third down. The first half was a mess in that regard. Protection held up mostly, but Jayden Daniels missed some open receivers that would have moved the chains.

Without Daniels’ legs, LSU would be even worse in this department. It needs to scheme and execute better on third down.

LSU ranks 105th in 20-yard play rate

LSU has struggled to create big plays. This is because the offense hasn’t established that consistent passing game. Jayden Daniels has completed three passes 20 yards down the field. In the SEC, only Bryce Young has less.

If Daniels cannot connect more through the air, LSU will need to do better at scheming up big plays by getting the ball to its playmakers in space. LSU will be in plenty more games that are decided down the stretch, and big plays are often the determining factor in such instances.

Running backs have just six carries of 10+ yards.

LSU’s run game numbers don’t look that bad, but much of that is because of what Daniels has done with his legs. If you look at what the running backs have done, it won’t look bad on first glance, either.

Armoni Goodwin is averaging 6.6 yards per carry. A solid number. However, there needs to be more consistency in the run game. This issue starts with the offensive line, a group that needs to get a better push up front.

LSU running backs have just six runs of 10 yards or more. Five of those belong to Goodwin, with the remaining run belonging to Noah Cain.

LSU needs the passing game to be explosive first and foremost, but the run game needs to improve. Goodwin’s long touchdown run against Mississippi State was a start, but we need to see more.