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LSU Safety Joe Foucha Eager to Play Against Auburn

It’s been a long time coming for LSU safety Joe Foucha. The Louisiana native always dreamed of playing in Death Valley, but wanting to experience a new challenge led the New Orleans product to take his talent to Arkansas to begin his college career.

But Foucha hasn’t been alone on his journey. He’s been accompanied by his partner in crime Greg Brooks. The two New Orleans natives saw their friendship grow closer after becoming Razorbacks and haven’t looked back ever since.

Now? The two look to line up side-by-side in the purple and gold this Saturday against Auburn.

“The story couldn’t have gone any better. It’s a beautiful thing to see,” Foucha said on Tuesday. “God does things for a reason. We’re here together and now we have an opportunity to play alongside each other.”

“We’ve been together for a while just by us transferring here together. And now he’s at safety, we’ve always wanted to play alongside each other.”

The dream to suit up for their hometown school was one the duo couldn’t pass up on. Of course, it all started in Arkansas, but now they have the chance to make things happen in a different city. Their city.

“Being at Arkansas and now we’re here brought us even closer together,” Foucha said. “Every day, day in and day out, just being on the practice field together, I feel like I know where he’s at, and he knows where I’m at. When we’re playing with each other, we give each other that spark on the field.”