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LSU Starting Safety, Major Burns Will be Missed For Auburn Game

Sophomore safety Major Burns sustained an injury during LSU’s win over Mississippi State on Sept. 17. It is believed he will be out for a significant amount of time.

Although he is just a sophomore, Burns is one of the most experienced guys on this Tiger defense. This year, most of the starters and defensive backs are transfers from other schools. Burns has been in Baton Rouge for two years, which isn’t long, but comparatively, it’s more than what the other defensive backs have.

So, with his significant injury, how can Burns make an impact for these guys as they play each week? When he met with the media this week, Joe Foucha was asked this question.

“Yeah, he’s definitely a coach,” said Foucha. “When I came in, he’s a very high-energy guy. I love being around him. He pushes guys to the next level. Like, even today, he was out there celebrating as if he was getting ready to play as well.”

What a show of leadership by Burns. He could easily get down on himself due to injury, but he chooses to take the high road and continue to lift his teammates up and help them any way he can.