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LSU will be Without RB Armoni Goodwin and OL Garrett Dellinger, But That is OK

LSU will be without RB Armoni Goodwin and OL Garrett Dellinger, two players who won’t make or break the day for LSU but are still important pieces on this offense.

Miles Frazier will slide back to left guard in place of Dellinger, and Anthony Bradford will start on the right side. LSU’s pass protection has been improved thus far, and Dellinger has been a big part of that.

Auburn has some severe players inside and out on that defensive front. Frazier and Bradford must handle Marcus Harris, Jayson Jones, and Colby Wooden. LSU’s offensive tackles will already have their hands complete, with Derrick Hall and Eku Leota on edge.

LSU will need Daniels to keep taking steps forward. Daniels is fast, but so is the Auburn defense.

Daniels can’t afford to panic if Auburn’s pass rush is hitting home. LSU’s wide receivers will have chances to make plays against the Auburn secondary; LSU needs to be patient.

Bottom Line

Auburn’s pass rush will succeed, but the speed of Daniels and the depth and talent of LSU’s wide receivers will provide scoring opportunities. LSU needs to be efficient in the red zone and not waste good drives.