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Can Joe Burrow help LSU land Arch Manning?

Joe Burrow could help LSU land Arch Manning”: How former Bengals star could help his alma mater land Peyton Manning and Eli Manning’s nephew, how you ask:

Many top-notch college programs are in the mix to land Manning including Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Ole Miss, Florida, and of course, LSU.

LSU just recently had the pleasure of having Joe Burrow on their team who led the school to a National Championship win all while winning the Heisman. It was a magical season for the Tigers, and they’re hoping that Arch Manning can be the next big quarterback who guides them back to the top of the College world.

Joe Burrow’s success at LSU could be a big reason why Manning decides to go there. He and Burrow share some similar attributes, as they’re primarily pocket passers with the ability to make an athletic play at any given moment.

Additionally, LSU fans rallied around Burrow in a way most quarterbacks aren’t used to seeing at the college level. Manning could have some of the same going for him if he went to LSU. Of course, this is all guesswork for now, but it is fun to speculate about the future of college football.

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