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Coach Kelly & LSU

You have to roll your eyes for some of the stuff Brian Kelly talked about at SEC Media Days. The chargrilled oysters and the crawfish etouffee. We get it – you enjoy the food in Louisiana, just like everyone else who goes there.

What I’ve taken exception to more, and what seems ridiculously outlandish (maybe because it’s the summer and college football media has to bring up some controversial topics), is the question of how long a leash Kelly is going to have at LSU. Like, he’s on the hot seat already before even coaching a game?

The man has more wins than any coach ever at Notre Dame. Kelly has more wins than Nick Saban (to be fair, he has more losses, too.) But you get the point: This is one of the country’s most-qualified college football coaches, and there is debate about how long he has to turn LSU back into title contenders?

Get outta here.

Kelly came in with a serious, methodical, disciplined approach and, I’ll admit, some awful dancing skills, and the Tigers have a top-10 class. In the SEC West, Alabama isn’t going anywhere, Texas A&M is vastly improved, and the division as a whole is a complete dogfight every weekend, but who is going to have his team more prepared and ready to go?

Kelly worked wonders at Notre Dame with athletes nowhere near what he will have in Baton Rouge. He won’t admit it, but Kelly did everything possible in South Bend, maxed out the skill level there, and looked for a new challenge. This is it. And to think his coaching ability or plan is somehow being questioned before he even coaches a game – or has time to implement things – is ridiculous.

The LSU football program needed a dose of seriousness, and now they have it.

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