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Five points of optimism moving forward for LSU Football

There are plenty of reasons to be pessimistic about the Tigers through two games, I get that. I’ve been as hard on LSU through two weeks as anyone, as was evident in our last podcast/video reviewing the McNeese win. Eventually, though, you have to take a step back and look at the positives and strengths of this team with so much season left to play.

LSU (1-1) will need to make significant strides to beat both Central Michigan and Mississippi State over the next two weeks, but there are very plausible areas where improvement can be made and the Tigers can begin to at least resemble the team we thought they’d be before the season began. Let’s look at five points of optimism before entering Week 3.

This is probably the most “hot take” point here, just because we’ve seen the offensive line struggle in its first two games, but I maintain that at full strength, there’s enough talent to pass protect at a reasonably high level. This isn’t speaking to the run game at all, only pass protection.


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