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Good morning, Tiger Fans

It was great hearing from so many about Saturday’s 34-7 win over McNeese and our postgame post. I’ve selected several of your messages to share today, along with my responses. 


From Paul: With the poor O-line play and lack of depth, how do you win games in the SEC this year? The defense looked better, but the O-line did not get any push against McNeese. I know 3 guys were out, but the 2nd and 3rd teamers should still dominate McNeese and they were stuffed on too many occasions. This is something that was 2-3 years in the making with lack of development/recruiting. It will take several years to fix. In the meantime, what does LSU do?

DD Response: Good question, Paul. The harsh truth is that if LSU’s O-line continues to perform the way it did Saturday, it’s hard to see LSU winning many SEC games. I said before the season started that the O-line — and O-line depth, in particular — was my biggest concern, mainly because the backups lacked experience. Saturday night that concern was justified. 

And yes, LSU’s back up offensive linemen should be able to dominate McNeese, but it probably wasn’t realistic to expect crispness if they are not starters and don’t have game experience.  The cohesiveness and experience of McNeese’s defensive line was advantageous early on, but not so much as the game wore on.

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