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How Well The Nation Knows LSU Sports

LSU is one of those brands that, when clicking on all cylinders, is tough to compete with. If football can build sustainable success over the next several years, there’s little reason to believe the overall view on the programs will only continue to soar.  

In a recent breakdown of the top 25 football brands in the country, SI had LSU football as the No. 6 ranked program in terms of brand. Below is why the Tigers are just on the outskirts of the top five.  

“The only program in college football with three national championships under three different coaching staffs since 2000, LSU churns out quality seasons and the Tigers’ recognizable purple and gold branding is one of the SEC’s most storied looks. There’s a reason Brian Kelly left a top-10 job at Notre Dame for Baton Rouge and that’s to win a title with elite athletes in recruiting. If you’ve ever been to Death Valley on a Saturday night, the setting is not comparable to any other in college football. LSU has always had a strong football brand and the depth of that reach should widen under Kelly.”

The things I look for are putting together high-performance organizations first of all. When we talk about high performance, we talk about the staff needed to develop our student-athletes daily,” Kelly said recently at the Rotary Club event. “Develop our student-athletes to be the best versions of themselves in all facets. From academics to nutrition, from strength and conditioning to player development, from mental performance to mental health.”

The 2019 season laid the blueprint of the accurate brand firepower LSU has. If Kelly can prove to have sustainable success in Baton Rouge, there’s no telling the depths it could reach in recruiting, sales, NIL, and overall view of the football program for decades to come. 

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