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LSU football’s current state of affairs stems from many issues

As I sit here and consider what has already occurred and what’s to come at LSU, I can share my current thoughts.

It has to be asked. Are the wheels coming off or is it that the lugs just need tightening? If so, what is the solution?

Actually, it’s easy to identify but challenging to achieve. The team, as a whole, will need to strive to take positive steps and eliminate mistakes. Positive plays on both sides of the ball build confidence throughout a program. On the flip side, mental errors can be totally deflating.

It matters not who the opponent is. The offense’s goal is to move the chains and produce points on every drive. The defense’s chore is to do whatever it takes to impede the progress of the opposition. Sounds simple? It’s not. And the better the competition, the tougher the assignment.

LSU football is perceived to be the Big Brother in the state of Louisiana. Yet the Tigers trail Tulane, Louisiana Tech, and UL-Lafayette in total yards, passing yards, and rushing yards.

It appears that there is not a total connection between the coaching staff and the players. There may be some confusion. The squad needs leaders within the rosters as well. Just because a player has been on the roster for as many as five seasons doesn’t qualify that said individual to command attention. It must be earned.

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Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson
September 15, 2021 4:51 am

No joke, LSU needs it