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LSU is one of the worst rushing teams in America. Can Tigers find a solution?

For a team with a whole bunch of talented running backs, LSU sure has had a whole bunch of trouble finding a running game.

The trouble persisted throughout last season as the Tigers finished 12th in the SEC in rushing yards per game (121.7) and yards per rush (3.3).

The game average was no doubt affected by the fact that LSU played from behind a lot and sometimes from way behind and wound up passing a lot more than it otherwise would have.

But the per-rush average showed that the Tigers weren’t very effective even when they tried to run the ball.

Ty Davis-Price led LSU with 446 rushing yards (17th in the SEC) and John Emery II was second with 378 (21st in the SEC).

Both returned this season and were joined by highly-regarded freshmen Armoni Goodwin and Corey Kiner, producing a lot of optimism for the running game.


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