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LSU QB Situation

The LSU quarterback battle is one of the most intriguing competitions in the country. Headlined by Myles Brennan, Jayden Daniels, and Garrett Nussmeier, the Tigers have a myriad of options who can come in and lead this team.

Brennan, a sixth-year senior for LSU, has won the job before and knows what to expect day in and day out. Having battled it out against Max Johnson and other Tiger gunslingers in the past, Brennan has a familiarity with the process.

During the Manning Passing Academy a few weeks back, Brennan spoke on the competition and how he is going about things his final go-round.

“It’s part of being in the game, it’s part of being in the spotlight, part of there can only be one quarterback playing at one time,” Brennan told Garland Gillen of Fox 8 News. “So I’ve been in this position before, and I’ve come out on top. So I know what I have to do to do, and that’s between me and me. I think the biggest thing is I’m the oldest quarterback in there. We’re all trying to help each other. Whether it’s me helping Walker, helping Nuss, helping Jayden. We’re all pushing each other. I learn things from Nuss, from Jayden, we pick each other’s brains. It’s not like Walker’s on the bottom of the chart because he’s the youngest. We’re all pushing each other.”

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