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LSU Recruiting Needs to Lock Down Louisiana

Former LSU standout Ryan Clark spoke on the urgency this program must have in locking down the state of Louisiana. So far, in Kelly’s 2023 recruiting class, it’s been a majority of out-of-state players, though this program knows there is room for improvement in recruiting in-state.

“I think first and foremost, make sure that you evaluate the entire state of Louisiana. I think that means make sure you extend yourself,” Kelly said. “It’s not just New Orleans and the greater Baton Rouge area. You have to get up north, all the way up through Shreveport, up to Monroe, all into the state of Louisiana.”

The Tigers have successfully recruited up north in Louisiana over the years, securing 2022 five-star offensive lineman Will Campbell in the process. Kelly spoke of the coaching staff needing to extend their efforts across the entire state, not just the South.

“That doesn’t mean you just take a kid from Louisiana because he’s from Louisiana,” Kelly said. “If he’s not rated as high, can you go out of state? Sure. But you better know the players in the state of Louisiana. That means the entire state. I think that’s maybe where if I’ve gotten any feedback that maybe we needed to extend our recruiting efforts a little bit further north. I think we’ve done that.”

Junior defensive end BJ Ojulari, spoke of current players’ significant influence on recruiting visits. As a recruit, you look to be embraced and feel like family, precisely what Ojulari and this team have done when recruits visit campus. It’s safe to say that strategy has been beneficial so far.

“When I was getting recruited, a lot of guys embraced me on my recruiting visits,” Ojulari said on Monday. “I know how it feels, makes you feel special, more at home. Us being able to show more influence to a recruit and make them feel at home, it’s a great feeling. If it’s through social media or anything of that sort, it’s great to be a part of that process for that recruit.”

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