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LSU Secondary is Fairly Strong

The goal is for this program to start building for the future sooner than later, but there’s no doubt the veteran presence this season will be heavily relied on. This secondary has plenty to prove in 2022, and their play will be a critical factor in this defense’s success.

Bringing in Louisiana guys was part of Kelly and this staff’s goal when attacking the transfer portal, ultimately bringing 15 players to the program who expect to contribute to the roster this season.

“They have been outstanding additions to our program. I know many don’t like to see that happen within the league. I’m not crazy about it either. But these are two Louisiana kids that wanted to play at LSU, and they have been great additions,” Kelly said about Foucha and Brooks. “Character. I would say that when we were looking into the transfer portal, we wanted young men that had SEC experience and had ties to the state of Louisiana. Brooks and Foucha fit that to the T.”

Expanding on the veteran transfers as a whole, senior leader and linebacker Mike Jones Jr. quickly praised how quickly that group has come together, particularly from a communication standpoint. In the early days of spring, Jones described playing alongside Brooks and Foucha as like they’d been together for years to the point where he doesn’t need to look at guys to hear them. 

“In the secondary we have plenty of guys, plenty of depth and it’s gonna be great competition throughout camp,” Jones Jr. said. “We did a great job developing guys throughout the spring in the secondary. The competition in that back seven is gonna make us so great. There’s no telling where that group is gonna be.”

On Wednesday at SEC media days, razorbacks coach Sam Pittman was asked about the two newest additions to the Tigers’ secondary.

“Let’s go with what LSU is getting. Two fine kids. Ones that were never in trouble, gave everything for the University of Arkansas. We’re very, very happy that they were on our football team,” Pittman said. “They’ll work hard. They’re good kids. They’re good players. Certainly when you go in the same division, it’s harder. But great kids, great parents. Coach Kelly got two fine, fine football players.”

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