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New LSU Defensive Coordinator Is Still Coaching In The NFL

New LSU defensive coordinator Matt House isn’t currently recruiting for the Tigers.

House is still serving in his role as the Kansas City Chiefs linebackers coach. The Chiefs are still playing in the NFL playoffs after taking down the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night.

And House isn’t going to abandon his role as an assistant for Kansas City. Nor is he doing to divert attention away from his job. He’s going to see it through, then joins the Tigers.

Now, how does this impact LSU?

I’m sure the Tigers are using an off-the-field staffer to recruit in House’s place. But it’s still not the same as having your actual defensive coordinator out there recruiting.

Fortunately for LSU, it doesn’t appear that House’s absence on the recruiting trail has had an adverse effect on the program.

The Tigers still managed to land Arkansas transfer Greg Brooks recently, despite him not being able to talk to House.

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