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Thank Goodness Jimbo F. Didn’t Endup @LSU

Look, Fisher is a good coach. But he’s not worth $13 million a year. And he’s not better than Kelly.

If you take away the fact that Fisher coached at LSU from 2000-2006 and his national championship at Florida State in 2013 (which was thanks mostly to fabulous play from quarterback Jameis Winson), he would’ve been an afterthought in this search.

Fisher’s Florida State program started trending in the wrong direction after the 2013 season. In his final season in Tallahassee, he went 5-6 with the Seminoles.

In year four at Texas A&M, Fisher went 8-4. That includes losses to Mississippi State and LSU (though he gets credit for beating Alabama).

Fisher’s routinely landed top 5-10 classes at Texas A&M the last few years, yet here he is in year four going 8-4. The talent wouldn’t be that much better at LSU.

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