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The CFB Playoff Needs to Expand, As It Would be Awesome For LSU & Others in the SEC

A 12-team playoff would be a great deal for … LSU, Texas A&M, and Florida – These programs are often considered to be near the SEC’s upper crust. Texas A&M is on the rise under Jimbo Fisher, and although LSU and Florida are coming off lousy seasons, they should quickly rebound under new coaches. Nonetheless, the Aggies and Gators have never made the playoff in the four-team model, and LSU has qualified just once, with its undefeated 2019 team. However, these three programs could become playoff regulars in a 12-team format.

12-team also might help … Auburn, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky – These programs are unlikely to become playoff staples, even if the field expands to 12, but they could attain the occasional bid. Ole Miss would have been a playoff qualifier if the field featured 12 teams in 2021. 

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