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Which Tigers graded well, which ones didn’t per PFF

As we wrap up the win over McNeese on Saturday, we take one final look back at the win for the LSU Tigers.

Top Offensive Grades

As far as their Pro Football Focus grades for this game, on offense nothing was spectacular. The team won 34-7 but early on the offense struggled to move the ball consistently against the FCS foe. Only four players on offense were graded in the 70+ range with Jack Bech coming in close to that. The breakdown of the top five players on offense

PlayerGame GradeSeason Grade
Ed Ingram, OG74.966.3
Liam Shanahan, C73.273.1
Max Johnson, QB72.559.3
Deion Smith, WR71.171.1
Jack Bech, TE/WR69.565.6

Bottom Offensive Grades

PlayerGame GradeSeason Grade
Brian Thomas Jr, WR38.649.6
Jaray Jenkins, WR44.749.4
Charles Turner, OT50.152.6
Koy Moore, WR53.361.6
Alex Adams, WR54.754.7

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