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Who To Blame For LSU Football Failure This Year? The Administration That Creates The Schedule.

In a quick summary. LSU should NOT have Played UCLA at the beginning of the season. The Loss to UCLA defined the rest of the year.

We will make the case right now in a quick sentence. The most powerful football team in the country with no doubt was the 2019 National Champion team, LSU Tigers. The team played Texas in its first game that year and many of you die-hard LSU fans can attest that LSU struggled a bit and almost lost the game. If it would have the season would not have turned out, the way it did. Unfortunately, the LSU administration has started to schedule non-SEC games with POWER 5 teams at the beginning, simply to make a little more $$$$$$$$$$. But a game as such is having tolls on the team.

LSU should learn one thing or two from Alabama on its scheduling.


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