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Opinion: How LSU’s Brian Kelly Era Ends up, it Sure Started Sloppy With an Absurd Loss.

He walked alone along the sideline for much of the night. He didn’t talk to many people. He didn’t have a ton to say. Each of the many times something went wrong Sunday for LSU, Brian Kelly simply looked onward with his arms crossed without reaction while absurdity took place around him.

His best defensive player goes down on the first series? Arms crossed. Look forward. Does his punt returner muff two punts? Arms crossed. Look forward. Do multiple defenders swarm his quarterback for the umpteenth time? Arms crossed. Look forward.

When Kelly jogged back out to the Caesars Superdome field after the half, and ESPN asked about a disastrous start against Florida State, even he couldn’t sugarcoat it.

“We can’t play any worse than that,” Kelly said with a joking grin. “I don’t think. It’s my first game. Maybe we can.”