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What Coach Kelly Said After Being Asked: What do you Think of SEC now?

“This past weekend. How, you have to bring your best every week. If you don’t bring your best, you’ll get beat. I think that, more than anything, is the takeaway. You cannot play without the energy and identity of your football team. There’s just too many talented players, and if you’re not ready to play, and play at your best, you’ll get beat. That’s the SEC West.”

The comment is especially interesting because it echoes what Kirby Smart had to say about the conference this past weekend.

“I don’t need the College Football Playoff committee or any person to tell me what the SEC’s like. I was born and raised in this, and I know how good it is, I know how physical it is. I know how hard it is to play in this league. Week in and week out, it’s tough and physical.” said Smart

“Now, everybody always wants a piece, everybody wants some of the SEC. They talk about it, and they don’t play in it year round. So it’s different when it comes to bowl season and it’s a one-game matchup, but if anybody wanted an invitation, they can come play in this league. It’s tough.”